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About the restaurant

Restaurant “Chekhov”-Home in Phuket

Thailand is a paradise on earth! This is what many tourists say, first on the sandy beaches of the Andaman Sea. Mild climate, abundance of exotic fruits, luxury fish showcases with lobsters, crabs, lobsters and other delicacies.

It is necessary to have a rest on a wide foot. Because each of us worked hard to get here.

Among all this diversity there is one cozy place-restaurant “Chekhoff”, where you can gather with the whole family, meet with friends or sit alone, thinking about anything, as our ancestors did-famous writers, philosophers and ordinary people. This was Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.

He travelled a lot, traveled half the world. He studied at a doctor, but in the soul always remained a writer. It is Chekhov not just treated people with medicines, but introduced into the process of treatment communication: “Through the health of the spirit and joy-the man himself is healthier!” and how he describes the meal and even shares recipes! Chekhov is known all over the world. His works have been translated into more than 100 languages. Performances by works Chekhov Collect sold-out in Tokyo, New York, Moscow and Beijing.

However, Anton Pavlovich always aspired to the family to come together, to share the news, to enjoy the family cosiness. And sometimes, in the evenings, over a cup of fragrant tea with gingerbread, time flowed unnoticed and slowly. We tried to create a corner where everyone could feel this warmth and coziness of the home away from home.

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