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The restaurant "Chekhoff" - a cozy home in Phuket

Thailand is a paradise on earth andso many tourists love coming to the sandy beaches along its coastline by the Andaman Sea. The mild climate, an abundance of exotic fruits, fantastic seafood; the place has everything you could want. In amongst it all is the new Chekhoff restaurant. A great place to take the family, meet friends or go on your lonesome for a nice peaceful meal.

 The restaurant is named after the famous writer, Anton Chekhov. He traveled around the world and became a doctor but his heart was always in writing. He believed that a healthy body made a healthy mind and this is the main principle of the Chekhoff restaurant. Anton Chekhov even came up with a few delectable recipes that you can try here.

 Anton Chekhov is known all over the world. His works have been translated into more than 100 languages. Anton always placed great emphasis on family. Here at Chekhoff we have followed his guidelines by creating a cozy, family friendly environment where you can feel warm and comfortable.